The Iroquois Foundation 

The Iroquois Foundation seeks to encourage educational creativity and opportunities by helping to fund innovative, non-budgeted projects throughout the Iroquois School District.

The Distinguished Alumni Wall of Fame Honorees for 2020 are:

Edmond Benson

Aaron Bove

Dr. Scott Zimmerman

Congratulations to all.  Unfortunately, due to COVID, there will not be a singular graduation ceremony this year where these Honorees will be inducted.  Therefore, they will be inducted in 2021 along with the 2021 Honorees as well.

Congratulations to all graduates of the Class of 2020.  We are pleased to announce our scholarship winners this year:

$1,000 Margot Treadwell
$500 Samantha Moeller

In addition, the Board of Directors this year awarded the remaining applicants with a $100 scholarship in memory of our Board Member, Diane Rohl, who passed away this spring.  Those recipients are:

Tyler Birdd, Jordan Blair, Vada Kirsch, Megan Quinn, Jillian Quinn, Daniel Schiffhauer. 

Congratulations to all, and best of luck on your future endeavors!

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To request a grant from The Iroquois Foundation, please download the following forms and submit your application as per the directions.

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